Resin bound gravel is a highly durable treatment – Manufactured to last for 25 years.

It is an economical, ecological and attractive alternative to traditional surfaces such as tarmac and block paving.

Our Resin bound gravel driveways are one of our more popular surface coats and for good reason, being highly durable it is an excellent choice for many surfaces, not just limited to driveways. Our Resin Bound Gravel also looks great with Patio’s, footpaths, swimming pool/hot tub surrounds, landscape features, tree pits, new developments and anything else you can think of with a suitable surface on which to lay.

Resin bound gravel as suggested by its name is exactly that – gravel that is enveloped in a biomass based environmentally friendly resin. The two materials have to be precisely mixed with a special up-right mixer built purposely for the job.

It is this ‘mix’ of gravel and resin that will give the specified finish through the choice/colour of gravel that you picked out from a vast selection that New Life Landscapes offer.
Our Resin bound gravel driveways really do look stunning and we can see why it is becoming so popular as a driveway surface coating.

There are many benefits to resin bound gravel as listed below:-

  • Highly durable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • No loose stones
  • Flexible
  • Solvent-free
  • Restricts weed growth
  • Odour free during and after application
  • Environmentally friendly, biomass-based resin component
  • Produces stunning surfaces
  • Can be used as part of a SUDS compliant bound surfacing system
  • Non slip, anti-skid aggregates can be used
  • Internal or external use
  • Adaptable curing times
  • Perfect for harmony with the existing environment
  • Superb range of aggregate blends
  • Standard and UV resistant versions available

If you are interested in Resin Bound Gravel Driveway in Horsham and throughout West Sussex and would like to hear what we could do for you then please contact us today.


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